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Beach Volleyball Coaching for Undersized Athletes
Hermosa Beach, CA 


Advanced Beach Volleyball Coaching
for Undersized Athletes

Hermosa Beach, CA 

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We look forward to helping you maximize your beach volleyball potential and expand your love of the sport!

The Problem:


What works for tall players, doesn’t necessarily work for smaller players that don’t play way above the net.

Most beach volleyball coaches teach methods and strategies used by top AVP players without taking into account the player’s size and athleticism. Sure…. this sounds great because you are learning to play like the best players in the world, right?

Unfortunately, these methods and strategies are just not very effective for undersized athletes, so they will never really help you maximize your potential as a player.

The Solution:


Learn to play what we refer to as SMALL BALL (Fast and Dynamic).

We guarantee that our Small Ball philosophy will help you maximize your potential as an undersized athlete and make you the best beach volleyball player you could possibly be.

If you come learn from us, we’ll teach you different fundamentals and mechanics, different competitive strategies, and different mindsets that have been proven to be effective for smaller players.

And keep in mind… Small Ball  strategies work even better for TALL athletes! So even if you are tall, we believe you will benefit greatly by training with us.

“Coach Craig did everything possible to help me succeed. He taught me how to read the court better, the best strategies to confuse my opponents, and taught me the best mechanics for my shots and swings. His low-to-high mechanics were different from most coaches, but they helped me become the most complete player I could be. It did take me a bit to change my muscle memory, but when I got it, I never wanted to go back to my old ways. He trained me on the beach for hours every week, filmed my practices, and sent me videos breaking down everything for me. He would even give me exercises to do at home when I couldn’t see him. Even to this day, since I’ve left for college, he always reaches out to ask how everything is going and sends me videos to watch to keep me from forgetting the techniques that he taught me. He has helped me in so many ways and changed my game drastically for the better! I’m so thankful I got to work with him for the two years I was in Hermosa. He made me a better player, athlete, and person overall.”

Milan Ray
D1 College Athlete

“One of my peers referred me to Coach Craig and told me he was the BEST shots coach in SoCal, and that was what I needed to focus on, my shots and swing mechanics. Coach Craig doesn’t just take you out and give you drills, he customizes his efforts to your needs, your height, your style, your position and he nurtures his efforts. He sends you videos of practice that breakdown what you are doing right and wrong, he follows up to make sure you understand, and he holds you accountable. To be honest, the low-to-high mechanics he teaches were very different from what I had learned in the past, and when I began training with him it felt like I was having to unlearn everything I’d been taught my whole life. But I decided to trust the process and boy has it payed off! I am now a much better hitter and I can hit every shot on the court with confidence! Thank you Coach Craig for all you have done! I will be going to college empowered with options I did not have before I trained with you!”

Olivia Jensen
D1 College Athlete

“Coach Craig is a mechanics guru and has a completely different method of teaching beach volleyball compared to other coaches I have worked with. He taught me the importance of good mechanics, how to think outside the box, and how to be effective offensively and win matches against more physically dominant players. Most importantly though, he taught me to play my own game and have confidence in my own abilities. In my opinion, any player – big or small – who trains with him will benefit greatly!”

Sophie Bengoechea
D1 College Athlete


We don’t just put everyone through the same drills and training exercises. 

We offer a VERY INDIVIDUALIZED approach by carefully assessing each player to learn there strengths and weaknesses, and then coming up with a strategy to help that player maximize his or her potential AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

What We Offer

We prefer small group classes (1-4 people) because we understand that every athlete has different strengths and weaknesses and will require very personalized coaching to really improve at a fast rate.

We also prefer that you come with your playing partner because team strategies are a huge part of our coaching. If you don’t have a steady partner to come train with, just let us know and we’ll do our best to find someone for you at a similar level.

Private Sessions:

  • $50 for 1.5 Hrs

Group Sessions:

  • $40 per person for 2 Hrs


What We Teach

How to hit effectively when you are not way above the net

How to be an amazing setter

How to hit shots that keep defenders guessing

How to improve your court vision

How to score consistently without hitting hard

How to play fast and keep the defense on their heels

How to block when you’re not that tall

How to be a better defender

How to play team defense to confuse your opponent

How to get easy points

How to be a great teammate

How to get the most out of your team

How to breakdown your opponents and find their weaknesses

How to increase physical strength and explosiveness

And Much Much More!

What is a MENEHUNE?

“Menehune” are a mythical Hawaiian dwarf people re-known for their toughness, craftiness, and creativity.

These are the exact traits we teach players here at Menehune Beach Volleyball. And we make sure everyone we coach understands that even if they may be smaller in stature or not a physically dominant athlete, it doesn’t mean they can’t be an incredible beach volleyball player and compete with bigger, more physically dominant players.

Menehune Beach Volleyball – Hermosa Beach, CA